Meet Our Boys

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Imperial Grand Champion

Kisjon Van de Marcken - SIA b

Dutch Import

(Best of  Variety Siamese Adult Supreme 2017)


Our Chocolate Point Siamese Boy

Sire: CH Bischarpur Papillon - SIA b 21

Dam: Izabel Van De Marcken - SIA b 21

We can't thank his breeder Corry Rijksbaron-van Greene

enough for allowing us the priviledge

of owning this amazing boy!

His Looks, Temperment and personality are amazing

with the added bonus of him being a Cinnamon Carrier.

He is a great asset in our breeding programme.

Rain-Dream Cat Vaska - OSH n

Import Boy


Our Oriental Black Boy

Neo carries Siamese and is a very good addition to our breeding program.

We have had some beautiful babies from him who have his fantastic bomb proof temperament.

Imperial Gr. Ch. Metexa Mulan - OSH b

(Best of  Variety Section 6 Kitten - Supreme 2018)


Our Havana boy   OSH b


Sire: Rain-Dream Cat Vaska - OSH n

Dam: Chinkilynx Ikando Majik OSH m 24


He is a lovely big, healthy boy with

 a superb termperament, he carries Siamese

Icefyre Sandstorm - OSH em


Our  gorgeous Oriental Apricot Boy  OSH em

Sire: Rain-Dream Cat Vaska OSH n

Dam: Ch Wiccanways Djinn-N-Juice OSH k 03

Many thanks to our good friends Jill and Andy of Icefyre Cats

for allowing us to be owned by this beautiful boy.

He is a super addition to our family of cats,

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