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Metexa Ronnie & Metexa Ms-Evie

living the life of luxury

with Sim and family in Surrey - making good

progress meeting the existing furbabies xx

Metexa Pussycat-Doll aka 'Dolly'

in her new home with our

friend Jill in Durham where she

waited on hand and paws!

She has settled in well and is

pictures with her friend 'Ruby'

'Mickey' now known as Ch Metexa Mickey-Kors

  Living in his NEW home in South Wales.

He is loved very much by his owners  Wayne & Julie.

Metexa Jimmy-Chooo

Is now in his New Home in Doncaster.

Living with Cherie & Paul with the Chez Cats

Metexa Rhianna aka 'Suki'

Lives with The Trueman-Barry

Family in Southern Ireland

Soon to be Joined by

Metexa Gorgeous-George

Metexa Larissa 32b2 aka 'Kizzie'

lives with

Metexa Cheyenne Autumn 32/1 aka 'Niala'

and Metexa Lilyliveson 24c aka 'Lexi'

They are living in Manchester with

the Starsiam Cats

with our Good Friends Vicci & Rab & Family

Metexa Appleonia 24b aka 'Apollonia'

who is  on the right in both  photos.

She in inseparable from her step sister, Serafina.

She lives with Kevin & Joannie Clarke

Ch. Metexa Tauriel  aka 'Tauriel'

with Metexa Desiree aka 'Rose'

They are living in the lap of luxury

with the Nystala Cats in Rotherham

With our friends Theresa & Pete

Metexa Smaug & Metexa Raddagast The-Brown

Living in NorthYorkshire with their

doting owner David Mitchell.

Metexa Prada-In-Black aka 'Prada'

with Metexa Escada  aka'Lucy'

And has just been joined by

Metexa Cartier.

Living with the Juannre Cats in South Wales

with good friends Julie & Wayne

Metexa Bleu-De-Chanelle aka 'Jala'

She is loved and spoilt

in Edinburgh

with Carole & Mehmet

Maya [the goby one!] with Baby Me-Me

and Auntie Noome

Living in Luxury in County Durham

With Marjorie & Family

has now been joined by Zen

Metexa Tiberius & Metexa Diadumenianus

aka Tibes & Diad

Taking their turns at being Jockey!!

And Celebrating their FIRST birthday -

they are adored by their owner

Angey Barrett in Normanton.

Metexa Sergei

Lives with Sue in Kidderminster

and the rest of her gang.

Metexa Renaissance  (Amber) - Cinnamon Point

rules the roost with

Metexa Cinnamon  Cilla  (Ula) age 4 

and not forgetting

Mia - Lillac point who  is 8 years old

They are loved and adored by their

owners Peter & Christine

who live in Bonnie Scotland.

Metexa Spotted-Dick aka Bambi


Metexa Puss-In-Boots aka Borris

with their Lilac friend

They are adored by their Owners

Louise and family @ Posh Cats Boarding Cattery.

Metexa Wee-Man aka Weem

with his friend Lily

and not forgetting his Whippet doggie friends

They are living in Selby with their

adoring owners Vanessa & Laurie

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